Climate on the Wall

af | 10. januar 2012 | Kreative indslag

During the international climate conference Beyond Kyoto and a large exhibition Aarhus CO2030 about climate challenges in 2009 the citizens of Aarhus could express their commitment to take part in creating a better climate in large scale. They could do this by using Climate on the Wall, a large-scale interactive media facade that generated climate related sentences and statements on basis of peoples movements on the street.

The principle of the installation is to be compared with refrigerator magnets with words, where you can create sentences by combining the magnetic words. It often results in some quirky or surprising comments that may develop into small conversations.

In the case of Climate on the Wall you write with speech bubbles. By-passers notice that words are projected just above their heads and if they stop a speech bubble will appear around the word closest to them. From there on you drag the word in the speech bubble while it slowly rises and finally positions itself in the sentence at the top of the wall projection. Hereby it is possible to pick any word available on the wall and place it in the sentence.

You can do a statement by yourself or together with other people. The installation serves as a platform that catalyzes simple conversations about the climate – both between people who know each other, and between people who do not; both on the wall and between people on the street.

Technically the installation is using two large projectors, that are positioned in towers on the other side of the road. In addition camera tracking of peoples movements makes the words and speech bubbles react.

The Climate on the Wall installation was running on the facade of Ridehuset, a central and prominent building in Aarhus, from the 5th to the 8th of March 2009.


Project leader Media Facades, Rune Nielsen

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Rune Nielsen