Feminist Economics Explained

af | 13. november 2020 | Økonomi

Climate Economics, episode 7.

More and more awareness is brought to the current women’s inequality. However, even though women are often brought to the main attention of this existing inequality, its underlying cause brings forth an even bigger global issue. Feminist economics therefore brings a closer look to the missing, yet essential pieces of our society to be included in economics. Curious to what feminist economics brings? And how this can help with the problems occurring from climate change? Watch this video and find out!

In this video we have had the pleasure of having Professor Patricia Elaine Perkins and Professor Bengi Akbulut present to tell us more about feminist economics and its importance. Professor Patricia Elaine Perkins currently works at Toronto University where she teaches Ecological, Community, and Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research courses. Staying in Canada, going to Concordia University, we find Assistant Professor Bengi Akbulut. Here she teaches Environmental, Resource Analysis, and Ecological courses.

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