George Monbiot – Connecting the dots

af | 30. maj 2019 | Aktivisme, CO2-kompensation, CO2-lagring, Klimakrisen, Landbrug, Politik

Full 2 hour talk. Bristol, May 2019.

George Monbiot talks with Natalie Fee about XR, Climate emergency, community, education, youth uprising, mental health, building community, ecology, rewilding, planting trees, carbon off setting, capitalism, British farming, celebrity culture, consumerism, Greta Thunberg and lots more!

If you prefer to watch shorter videos check out some of the links below and please share these pearls of wisdom.

V1 – George Monbiot – What does declaring a climate emergency actually mean?

V2 -George Monbiot challenges the BBC to go further in naming and confronting power

V3 – George Monbiot – Celebrity is the mask the machine wears

V4 – George Monbiot says ‘Advertising is a pox on the planet ‘

V5 George Monbiot – Has green consumerism become a substitute for systemic change?

V6 – George Monbiot lays out solutions for carbon off setting and how to prevent climate emergency!

V12 – How do we unsure equitable economic growth and redistribution of wealth?

V13 – Why are more UK farmers than every before taking their own lives?

V14 – Who is Greta Thunberg? George Monbiot talks about the conspiracy theories looking to discredit this icon of positive change.

V15 – Should I have Children?

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