Is Arctic ice rebounding?

af | 6. maj 2024 | Arktis/Antarktis, Klimamyter

​UPDATE: Robson has now removed the video, as I suggested, and re-uploaded a corrected version. He does so very begrudgingly, calling it simply a ‘revised edition,’ with no mention of the error, and even complains about people who pointed out the mistake. He writes:

“This revised version corrects one trivial graphic animation production error that an army of trolls attempted to turn into a cause célèbre.”

People often tell me that the scientific method is flawed, pointing to peer-review and retracted papers as weaknesses. They turn instead to YouTube amateurs like Rosbon. But peer review is fact-checking. Papers are retracted because science endeavours to correct mistakes. Flawed at it is, Robson represents the opposite — the junk science mode, where nothing is fact-checked and mistakes only get corrected if an “army of trolls” press for corrections.

The corrected… sorry, ‘revised’ version, can be found here:

My discussion with John Robson in full: