Paint The Streets

af | 5. december 2019 | Kreative indslag

Holywell Lane, Hackney – October 2019

Artist Jane Mutiny paints a mural for Extinction Rebellion as part of the ‘paint the streets’ action.

On the left side of the symbol are animals which are very near to extinction, the animals in the symbol are already extinct, and the right shows show animals and plants thought to be gone, but are actually still out there in the wild.

This middle section shows the passenger pigeon, an American species which famously went extinct due to extensive hunting late 1800s. Word had it that it was once so populous, flock would fly over for hours at a time. The last one died alone Cincinnati zoo in the 1930s, her name was Martha 💔

On the right is the Round Island Burrowing Boa, from Mauritius, last seen in 1975. (His face is on the previous post!)

At the bottom is the Pyrenean Ibex, a goat from the mountains of Europe, which went extinct in 2000.

Next is Spix’s Macaw, native to Brazil. This was also last seen in the wild in 2000. There are a few in captivity, but the gene pool is not wide enough to repopulate the species in the wild. They are known as being ‘functionally extinct’.

Not extinct, but critically endangered, the beetle is the American Burying beetle, found in the USA of course. They are important because they bury small dead mammals and birds and help keep life moving on.

Filmed by CR

Extinction Rebellion