Spain – Water scarcity in a vacation paradise

af | 17. november 2023 | Konsekvenser

​Water shortages in southern Europe are becoming an increasingly ominous problem. In Spain, the situation in 2023 is so acute that the worst-hit region of Catalonia had to introduce drastic water-saving measures back in April.

The summer of 2023 was marked with record temperatures and aridity. Spain is now facing a huge challenge: How to distribute precious water supplies sensibly and fairly? Ultimately, it’s not just private households that need water. Water is also key to economic sectors like farming and tourism. Conflicts are unavoidable. This documentary explores the reasons for water scarcity in Spain, looks at the impact of water scarcity in Catalonia and Andalusia and at the tourism industry’s response to the crisis. How is aridity and heat impacting vacations? Can tourists do anything to ease the situation?

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