The Missing Link Between Hurricanes and Climate Change

af | 6. juli 2022 | Ekstremvejr, Forskning

​Was hurricane Ian a perfect example of the way hurricane seasons will change as the world warms? Both climate models and the laws of physics are clear: more greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere means warmer air and oceans, which means more energy for bigger, stronger hurricanes. So why is it that we haven’t seen a clear signal from climate change in the hurricane record over the last century? This episode explores groundbreaking research on this question and looks ahead at what we can expect in the coming decades.

Hurricane Ian is the first major, landfalling hurricane of the 2022 season, and this has many scratching their heads. Does this cast doubt on the assumption that global warming will lead to bigger, stronger storms? Tune in to find out what leading climate scientists have to say on the matter!

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