Years of Living Dangerously – EPISODE 201: A Race Against Time

af | 15. marts 2022 | Energisystemer, Fossil energi, Vedvarende energi

​In the season opener, David Letterman travels to India, one of the most populous nations on earth. From expanding and repairing an inefficient energy grid to bringing electricity to more than 300 million people without power, the Indian government has committed to one of the most ambitious renewable energy plans on Earth. But it’s also pledging to double the amount of dirty coal the country already burns. Back in the U.S., Cecily Strong travels to Florida and Nevada, two sunny states where the future of solar is being decided by obscure public utilities commissions. She learns that powerful forces are flexing their muscles behind the scenes to block solar’s growth — jeopardizing thousands of jobs and the future of clean energy.

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