Game of Thrones is secretly all about climate change

af | 25. juni 2015 | Fiktion

The White Walkers are some of Thrones’ creepiest villains — but they also help tell a really interesting metaphor about climate change.

For starters, the White Walkers are a threat to all humanity: Their zombie minions are equally happy to rip apart people of all nations and noble houses. Yet instead of uniting to combat the shared threat to human existence, the houses in the show spend basically all their time on their own petty disagreements and struggle for power. White Walkers are generally ignored; some nobles deny their existence outright.

Swap climate change for White Walkers and “countries” for noble houses, and it starts to sound a lot like the real world.
Specifically, it sounds like the problem of international coordination on climate change. No one country can prevent catastrophic warming on its own: Every country that’s a major greenhouse gas emitter is part of the problem.