Solar Geoengineering: Should we artificially cool the planet?

af | 12. juni 2021 | Geoengineering

​Could it become the last option to stop global warming or is it an insane intervention? Some scientist are working on how we could deflect solar radiation to slow down global warming. Here are three mind blowing ideas how this might work.


Position of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Solar Radiation Modification:

Basics on Solar Geoengineering and critical view from Union of Concerned Scientists:

Comment for more research in the field:

In depth review of pro’s and con’s of Solar Radiation Modification vs. Brighter cities and land areas:

In depth review of ocean geoengineering suggestions:

Reporter: Tim Schauenberg
Video Editor & Camera: Cem Adam Springer
Supervising editor: Kiyo Dörrer

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