Tidal energy could be huge – why isn’t it?

af | 27. november 2021 | Vedvarende energi

​It’s estimated that we could (practically) capture enough tidal energy to power all homes in the United States TWICE over – but we can only manage a tiny fraction of that right now. For a planet that is 70% water, why is this technology still so far behind other renewables? Are things about to change?

00:00 Intro
00:49 What are tides again?
01:58 How does tidal power work?
02:59 Tidal range power
06:15 Tidal stream turbines – the new kid on the block
07:36 A barrage of costs
09:31 What about the environment?
11:08 Conclusion

Reporter: Aditi Rajagopal
Camera and video editor: Henning Goll
Supervising editor: Kiyo Dörrer, Malte Rohwer-Kahlmann, Joanna Gottschalk

Special thanks for the background interviews:
Lisa MacKenzie and Matthew Finn, The European Marine Energy Centre
Andrea Copping, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Thomas Adcock, Oxford University

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