Why Germany is destroying villages for coal

af | 22. oktober 2022 | Fossil energi

​Right in the heart of Germany, villages are being destroyed for coal – even though the country has vowed to turn its back on the fuel as soon as possible. But the villagers and activists are fighting back.

Reporter: Kiyo Dörrer
Camera: Simon Baingo
Video Editor: Joseph Wright
Graphics: Christian Caurla
Supervising Editor: Joanna Gottschalk
Thumbnail: Arne Müseler & Em Charibon

Many thanks to Arne Müseler, a photographer documenting the destruction of the Garzweiler villages for his photographs and videos. His extensive and informative collection can be found here: http://garzweiler.com/

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00:00 Introduction
00:49 Why coal matters
02:50 The case of Lützerath
04:26 Protest camp Lützerath
06:58 Why RWE wants more coal
08:24 Coal and politics
10:46 What’s next?

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