Why nuclear power will (and won’t) stop climate change

af | 10. september 2020 | Atomenergi, Energisystemer

In this video I discuss the relative role nuclear power will play in our future. If we want to lower our carbon emissions then we need to stop generating power using fossil fuels – that means choosing between nuclear power and renewable technologies like solar power and wind power. But which of these is better? I examine the carbon impact, the cost, and a variety of other metrics. However, we also need to discuss how energy grids work in practice, including the difference between baseload generation and flexible generation. By the end of this video/documentary, we have some firm answers about why nuclear power will and won’t stop climate change. In short: it’s complicated. But nuclear isn’t essential, merely very useful.

References: https://www.simonoxfphys.com/blog/nuclearreferences

Simon Clark