Climate, Disasters, and Other Shocks: Are Countries Ready?

6. juni 2019 | Klimakrisen, Politik

Climate, disasters, and other shocks put hard-won progress at risk of crumbling. Anticipating these challenges can help to preserve gains and prevent domino effect collapse. But there are many emerging tools for policymakers and planners to anticipate changes, shocks, and fragility in the developing world.

In Spring 2019, KPMG will publish its annual Change Readiness Index (CRI) as a tool to evaluate a country’s ability to grow and respond to global issues, meet goals, cultivate opportunities, and mitigate challenges. The CRI helps to plan for the shocks described above which can disrupt global development progress, policy, and planning. In the age of information, with competing national priorities and goals, myriad news and analysis sources, and emerging technological tools for evaluating global progress, the CRI is one of the best sources of information that can feed into planning and executing international development strategies.

Please join CSIS for opening remarks from Mr. Timothy Stiles, followed by a public panel discussion that will evaluate how public goods like the CRI—in addition to other tools— can help increase preparedness in developing countries with modern analytics.

Center for Strategic & International Studies