Europe: The world’s first carbon-neutral continent?

af | 7. august 2021 | Politik, Politik - Europa

Sometimes reality is more exciting than a political thriller. This is certainly the case behind the scenes at the EU climate summit. While representatives from Brussels, Paris, The Hague, Warsaw and Madrid discuss matters in the open, the film goes behind closed doors to tell the real story behind the development and conclusion of a historic agreement regarding the climate fund.

An unprecedented look behind the scenes of European power with access to incumbent heads of state and government, the documentary follows the new president of the European Council, the ambitious Charles Michel, as he starts his tenure with a bang. He wants the twenty-seven member states to commit to making Europe the planet’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

The vast majority of the member states are willing to back his resolution. But Poland, 80% dependent on coal, is blocking the measure, and demanding significant financial assistance. Going from capital to capital, Michel does his best to convince everyone, and after a special trip to Warsaw, the president of the European Council feels confident. But at the summit, nothing will go as planned …

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