Who will pay for climate damages – and HOW?

af | 23. december 2022 | Økonomi, Politik, Politik - Verden

​The people and industries of the world’s richest countries have done the most to heat the planet. But they’re terrified of being held liable for extreme weather they’ve made more violent. Meanwhile, the poorest can’t afford to pay for the consequences of other people’s pollution. So should the rich world be paying for climate damages – and what’s the best way to do so?

Reporter: Ajit Niranjan
Video Editor: Markus Mörtz
Supervising editor: Kiyo Dörrer & Joanna Gottschalk

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Read more:
COP27 agreement on loss and damage payments: https://unfccc.int/sites/default/files/resource/cma4_auv_8f.pdf

Historical CO2 emissions since 1850 from fossil fuels, cement and land use change: https://www.carbonbrief.org/analysis-which-countries-are-historically-responsible-for-climate-change/

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Progress toward the $100 billion pledge: https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/finance-and-investment/aggregate-trends-of-climate-finance-provided-and-mobilised-by-developed-countries-in-2013-2020_d28f963c-en;jsessionid=ZRbmNBg3w_qy0KsHb7Wmn6_BGmxkbfRVLvOTV4c6.ip-10-240-5-71

Fair shares of climate finance: https://cdn.odi.org/media/documents/A_fair_share_of_climate_finance.pdf

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Background
02:55 COP27
06:13 Climate Reparations
08:48 Tax Big Oil
10:04 Pollution Levies
10:46 Cancel Debt
11:47 Conclusion

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