Why we need a Green New Deal right now

af | 4. juli 2020 | Politik, Politik - USA

​Championed in the U.S. by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Ed Markey, and the Sunrise Movement, the Green New Deal offers a solution to global warming and climate change through broad social programs addressing not only fossil fuels but also racism, capitalism, ableism, and imperialism. Unlike other market-based climate legislation in the past, the Green New Deal recognizes the connection between climate change and the host of other struggles the U.S. and the globe faces.

The Green New Deal represents a shift in the environmental movement from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance that seeks to supply guaranteed clean jobs for those who want them, sustainable housing, and an electrified transportation system all centered around environmental justice. With the recent Black Lives Matter uprisings fighting for racial justice all over the world, the Green New Deal is an essential idea for the modern environmental movement because it shows that you can not have climate action without a racial justice analysis.

Our Changing Climate