Business fights climate change

af | 5. oktober 2021 | Klima i hverdagen

​Whether it’s flying, driving, eating meat or using consumer goods: Everyone produces CO2 emissions each day. Businessman Dirk Gratzel has calculated his carbon footprint to date. He aims to erase it fully by the end of his lifetime.

Dirk Gratzel only eats meat when he has hunted and killed the animal himself. He makes his morning shower as brief as possible. A new phone every year? Not for him.

Gratzel has worked out the biggest sources of CO2 emissions in our daily lives and has cut these as much as he can for him and his family. He’s pleased with the result and says the reductions do not impact on his quality of life.

Now he’s taking it a step further. The businessman has bought an industrial site and is carrying out an environmental assessment. Of course, not everyone has the money to do that.

Can we afford to protect the environment? A report by Carolina Machhaus and Sella Oneko.

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