Greenland’s melting ice causing social problems

af | 27. november 2022 | Arktis/Antarktis, Konsekvenser

​Greenland’s melting ice is attracting tourists, politicians, media and investors. Climate change as a “business opportunity,” but what is happening in Greenland is vital to all of us.

Bram Vermeulen travels to the town of Ilulissat and the nearby ice fjords. Climate change has totally turned the lives of Greenlanders upside down. But while the mayor of Ilulissat sees climate change as a business opportunity, the local police department is deeply concerned. Greenland faces major social problems such as domestic violence, alcohol abuse and has the highest suicide rate in the world.

When Bram Vermeulen visits Ilulissat, the police are busy investigating a human leg found in the landfill. The investigation into the murder exposes an Ilulissat that tourists don’t normally get to see.

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